Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hometalk Halloween Hunt in Frederick

I stumbled upon a post on Facebook inviting local bloggers to check out four antique and vintage shops in the area and find a great piece to craft with and then blog about their finds.  I'm pretty new at blogging, so it's still a little weird to think of myself as a local blogger, but antiques? vintage?  Please, I signed right up!

We bloggers (squee!) met up at the first stop: Sweet Clover Barn

They had a tasty little breakfast spread, yumm, along with Miriam from Hometalk and Karen, the Graphics Fairy.  Karen has 1000s of amazing vintage graphics for the anyone to use, even you!  We got a shopping tote with directions to all the stores and some other local haunts, and we were off.

Let me tell you, Sweet Clover was incredible, I can't believe I hadn't been there before.  It is a vintage and antique lovers dream: a whole barn filled with areas decorated by different dealers and designers.  I took pictures of some of my favorites:

Love the insect plates and the black color scheme.

Baby legs, just in time for Halloween! 

Typewriter, I don't know why I love you!
Next, we headed just a few miles up the road to Chartreuse & Co, another barn (well, several barn buildings, actually) filled with more antique delights.  There was almost too much to see, and I could have stayed for hours.  They are open for sales monthly.

Cute outside set-up, love stone buildings

Like how they used the bike.
The Old Lucketts Store was the next stop, and they had the Design House opened and decorated beautifully.  With a bit of wine to enjoy the settings, I took in the d├ęcor.
I want to come home to this desk :)

View with a doe out the door of the Design House, jealous!

The last stop was On a Whim and The Hummingbird's Nest, a double dose on antique fun. You can't miss On a Whim, she has painted the building and silo next door pink with black polka dots!

The Hummingbird's Nest is the house in the foreground,
with On a Whim in the back left painted pink with black polka dots!

Really cute room at On a Whim, love the fall colors and of course, the typewriter!

La Maison
I had a wonderful time during my first blogger event and found a few great new treasure hunting spots!  I made my purchase of the day at Chartreuse & Co.  A print of an old French poster featuring really ornate furniture for the home.  It's called Home: The Guard Furniture.  I know our purchase was supposed to be crafty, but I'm the first to admit how un-crafty I am, so I went with this great print, I think I'll just hang it on my wall.  Some of the pieces are so outrageous and over the top, I love it!

I'm so glad I decided to take part in this fun event and I'll definitely be going to all these great shops again!

'Til next time :)


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lighten Up!

Long time, no see folks!  But I hope you can tell I've been busy!  I've changed the look of the page, hoping to make it more reader friendly.  I had to keep the green, it is my favorite, but I'm so happy with the new background, font and feel.  The Events page also has a new look which makes it easier for me to update the events and keep you in the loop!  I also have some great new graphics in the works!  Soon I will be unstoppable!! Haha.

Here is a quick OOTD (Outfit of the Day) from a local blog vintage store hunt event.  I'm doing a full right-up soon, I found some awesome new antique stores I will be frequenting regularly now!  And you know I couldn't resist a photo-op with some vintage Coke coolers.

Crop Top: Target

Custom Capris: Made for me by BooBoo Kitty Couture (she is awesome, check her out!)

Let me know what you think of the new look!

Friday, September 20, 2013

OOTD: Orange at the BrewFest & Introducing the "Events" Page

Shirt : Victoria's Secret
Skirt: Forever21
Clutch: Marshalls

Today's post is an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) from earlier in the summer.  Now that fall is only days away, it seems like it was so long ago.  The picture was taken in the parking field of the NOVA Brewfest, summer edition.  It's a fun event where you get to drink all kinds of different beers in one place!  I had literally been outside for maybe two minutes, and already my hair was falling flat (didn't keep my curlers in long enough)!

It was the end of June, and so dang hot, so I knew I had to dress light and a skirt was the way to go.  This is a pretty causal outfit, but I still tried to give it a vintage feel.  I got the skirt at Forever21.  Now, their stuff is not always the most well made, but they do have some cute things at great prices, disposable fashion at it's best (or worst)!  It's the perfect circle skirt, flowy and light and the polka dots give it a retro flavor.  I felt like I needed a colorful shirt, so I went for this V-neck from Victoria's Secret.  I actually like their clothes a lot more than their bras, and I have this super comfy tee in a few colors!  And of course, orange and brown look great together in my opinion, so I went for my orange clutch that I got at Marshalls.  They're hard to see, but my sandals are also blue.  And my pearls :)

Also, I thought that since we're talking about fun events, this would be a great time to roll out the new "Events" page on the blog!  Here you can find retro and pin-up type events, vintage and antique events, and then just some other fun local events if your in the DMV area.  I'm trying to now add events to this page as I find out about them, so it will be updated frequently and always have new and exciting ways to have a good time.  You'll see the new tab at the top of the page.  As always, please let me know what you think and if you have any events to share!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Now Those Etsy Parties!

The Activities for the Party
Now, don't think I forgot about the parties!  I was trolling EventBrite as I sometimes do (I know, I'm a total loser, but sometimes...) and I saw a local Etsy party.  What was an Etsy Craft Party, I wondered?  Being an Etsy addict, I knew I had to check it out and meet some other local Etsy nuts.  Apparently, Etsy Craft Parties happen once a year, all around the country, wherever there are Etsy artists around.  Etsy is really into the community of bringing artists and consumers of art together, and the Craft Parties are a perfect venue to bring local artists together.  I thought it was cool that the theme for this year's party was "Craft for Community", focusing on how artists can use their crafts to improve their communities.

I had a great time, met some local artists selling their wares on Etsy, some local Etsy hounds like me, and just some great, friendly people. 

Some of the ladies I met, including Etsy shop owners: Jennifer (left) & Renee (right)!

I also discovered two cool local businesses that I never would have found otherwise: CraftyStitches.  It's the business run by the two leaders of the Etsy Craft Party, Jennifer & Nicole.  Jennifer teaches sewing classes, sewing parties, Girl Scout troops, and sells fabric, of course!  Since the party, she's also upgraded to a big, new space in the local shopping center (check out her blog for pics and updates).  And in her Etsy Shop, she's Queen of the Travel Jewelry Rolls!


Nicole, owner of Finch Sewing Studio (who also teaches classes in the shop), opened her home office area for the party, and it was just beautiful!  She helps run the boutique sewing studio and specializes in offering the best selection of beautiful fabrics around.  Take a look at some of the pictures I took of her adorable space!

Cute wall arrangement!

Don't you just want to live here?!?

 If your in the Northern Virginia area, and sewing is your thing, I suggest you check these ladies out!  Also, if you want to support some hometown businesses, follow these links to some other locally owned Etsy shops to see their wares and join the ranks of those of us who "Buy From Real People":

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Etsy! It's So Great & Did You Know They Had Parties?!?!

The Etsy Homepage always has a fun mix!

So, you don't know about Etsy?!?  Have you been living under a rock?  Haha, just playing!  I love Etsy, and I'm really happy to share it with you if your a newbie.  If not, I think I can show you some great new things!

I got turned onto Etsy by a crafty friend, bless that friend.  At first, I thought I had found a treasure trove of hand-crafted items of all kinds.  Gifty items, toys for kids, clothes, tools, wood, art, I could go on and on.  Anything you can imagine that could be handmade by an artisan, you can find on Etsy.  But not only can you find these great, one-of-a-kind items, you can talk directly to the artist.  You can even commission custom pieces, which I have done with great results.  I think that's one of the best things about Etsy, the easy connection with the shop owner.  They are receptive to questions and will often work with you on a payment plan if you need it.

And then I discovered that Etsy had vintage!  And I've really been hooked ever since.  Whatever era your into, whatever items your looking for, make sure you check Etsy!  And if your looking for somewhere to start, check out My Favorites on Etsy.  My personal collection of the best things on Etsy, handmade and vintage.  I honestly couldn't fit all my favorite shops in one post, so keep an eye out for separate posts late that will highlight my very favorites that you cannot miss!

I wanted to put a little note in this post explaining why I've been away so long, and to apologize for that!  Currently, my personal life is dreadful, going through a bad break-up, and finding the motivation for anything other than eating, sleeping and working has been tough.  But you deserve better! (and I need to get to it!)

So thanks for being patient!  I hope you find some great new treasures on Etsy!  And I haven't forgotten about the party, stick around for the next post to find out all about it!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fia's Fabulous Finds & Something for the Guys!

Last month, I attended a fun vintage pop-up event in DC put on by  Fia's Fabulous Finds.  They are a great little store right in the city that offers "nearly new" clothing and accessories from vintage to name brand at amazingly low prices.  But the events they have are really where they shine!  They have $20 Fill the Bag events, where, you guessed it, you can fill a bag for only $20.  Fia's also has Bargain Basement Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday from 11am to 8pm, you get to raid their basement, where nothing is more than $6.  That's right, $6!!!  This place is right up our vintage loving alley, so head over the next time your in the city!

Ok, now for the Pop-Up Event.  It was held at the District Architecture Center, a really beautiful, open space full of glass.  It houses the Washington Architectural Foundation and an art gallery.  A great place to have the event since it allowed the products to take center stage, but not big enough for how many people came out (it was popular)!


This lovely lady greeted us as we entered.  The place was PACKED, and I didn't get any pictures from inside.  We walked around a few times, checking out all the vendors.  Most of the clothes were not from my era, but from the 60's to the 90's, so I didn't have any luck there.  I did, however, find a beautiful, long pink pearl necklace which I could not live without!  You'll learn I'm a real sucker for my pearls :)

Christopher Williams (left) and Howard Brown
I made my way toward some stairs to get away from the throng, and found these two dapper gentlemen right beside it.  They run Brown & Williams Clothiers, a DC-based men's vintage purveyor found only online for now, but obviously at the select, choice live event!  They actually specialize in vintage British mensware, with new shipments coming across the pond regularly.

Curator Christopher Williams tells me they are "A happy collision of two gentlemen from slightly different times, but both with a genuine love of a properly cut and sewn piece of cloth. We aspire to one day have our very own little corner of DC in which to sell our wares."

My boyfriend also likes vintage, and is always in search of some classic, golf-esque plaid pants.  Christopher was on hand to see if he could help us find the right size.  He checked his reserves behind the table, and we came out victorious, with a great pair of fantastic plaids!  These guys definitely aim to please, and it's not often you find a business that specializes in men's vintage.  They have a great online shop through their website, definitely worth taking a look at.

I finally did make it down the stairs and found a neat little spot to rest for a moment.  Check out the fantastic modern red chair, I couldn't resist the photo-op. 

I suppose this is a good picture to make my first OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

Top & Capris: Bernie Dexter

Pearls (told you I loved them)

Black Watch & Wedges (black goes with EVERYTHING)

Well, that was my exciting trip into DC to get my vintage fix.  Stay tuned for the next post (sorry, haven't picked the topic yet), and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to the Blog World: Vintage Bonnie Lass (That's Me!)

Hey Everyone, welcome to my blog!  My name is Bonnie Lass, and I am a lover of all things vintage, and alot more!  I'm starting this blog to connect with all of you, share my passions and information, my great finds, and basically all the fun things in my life.  I'm hoping you like what you see and get something useful out of my posts!  So, now a little about me, and a little about my plans for the blog!

Hey, there I am!

I'm overwhelmed with what to tell you, so I'll start small and you'll just have to keep reading my posts to learn more.  My favorite era was/is the 1950's.  I love all the tiny waists and pencil skirts!  I try to do my hair in a vintage set as often as I can, but the make-up is more of an afterthought.  I'm hoping this blog can spur me on to create some great make-up looks, as it is definitly not my strong suit!

I love nature and gardening, being outdoors makes me happy.  I work full time and go to school full time, so I'm a busy bee.  I also try to go out every weekend to whatever great local event may be happening, so I'll definitly be sharing those with you, as well.  I'm a total dork, and I love it!  I will probably quote random movies and silly things like that, so just go with it :)

And now for this little 'ol blog of mine.  I'm very into modern pin-up, so that is going to be one of the main thrusts of the blog.  I'll share some OOTD (Outfits of the Day), my favorite vintage and reproduction companies, clothing and accessories.  I'll do product reviews, beauty tips and tricks.  I do troll the internet looking for vintage, I have an obsession with online shopping and vintage flea markets, so I'll share all my best finds with you!  Let me do all the heavy lifting, you just come along for the ride!  Plus, I'll just share with you my musings on life and all things Bonnie Lass. 

So, welcome!  Sit and stay for awhile, there will be lots of exciting things to come.  Stay tuned for my next post, where I talk about a fun local vintage pop-up event I went to in DC, and the great MENS vintage clothing boutique.

And please, I welcome any comments on what you like, don't like, or would like to see in the future!

Thanks for coming, see you soon!